Sounds Of Revolution Kick Free Revolution Vol.2 Review

Taking a look at the music production market, loop samples can be found everywhere, making it hard to find the good ones. Or, of course, the best ones. Very recently, we got hold of Kick Free Revolution Vol.2, reminding us just by reading that name of all the great products SOR (Sounds of Revolution) already threw on the market. Surely we couldn’t wait taking a closer look at this – have fun!

Start me up…

Let’s be quick with the boring numbers part. The sample pack contains about 530 loops + 70 kicks as a bonus. Loops are devided in cathegories:

  • Clicks – 34 loops
  • Club – 71 loops
  • Detail & Glitch – 77 loops
  • FX – 33 loops
  • HiHat – 77 loops
  • Layered – 66 loops
  • Perc – 46 loops
  • Rough – 45 loops
  • Tonal – 51 loops
  • Tribal – 36 loops
  • Bonus – 70 Kicks

Obviously, this product covers various facettes of club music, same holds true regarding the available formats (24-bit wav, Rex2, Stylus RMX, Apple Loops) plus sampler patches (EXS, Kontakt).

Candy for your ears…

SOR products are reknowned for a good reason, so no surprise here the loops are clean, transparent and punchy without any exception. Although quite many sample-selling companies nowadays really program loops and grooves from the scratch, SOR has for quite some time been one of a few doing this…

Clicks – Contrary to other well-known click loops, these are pretty flexible with regards to the frequency course. You may recognize many subtile changes, a nice dose of contrast and many details – just listen once more and closer! Almost too sad there’s not more of them, we’d have liked that.
SOR Kick Free Revolution Vol.2 – Clicks

Club – As you might have expected, this section provides you with typical main percussion loops for club music. Interestingly, all loops are missing not only the kick but also clap and/or snare, rendering them extremely flexible. Besides, the loops themselves sound flexible and quite special themselves.
SOR Kick Free Revolution Vol.2 – Club

Detail & Glitch – This is the loop section you need to fill your existing track with tiny, lovely details – or to persue a more experimental kind of sound with unique facettes.
SOR Kick Free Revolution Vol.2 – Detail

FX – The fx-loops represent the earcatching part of Kickfree 2. Other loop collections sound cool and special the first time you listen, but then it’s really hard to make them fit into your track. Here you go with decent fx-loops not showing a too high effect amount – much more suitable to throw them into your track.
SOR Kick Free Revolution Vol.2 – FX

HiHat – Some time ago people were screaming and demanding for hihat loops only, as there were just a few on the market suitable for “top loop” use. This has changed – but not only in a good way. Too many hihat loops are simply boring, consisting of odd standard sounds, lacking groove. SOR provides you with simple or driving, oldschool or futuristic grooves, sometimes finetuned by adding some bitnoise or subtile percussion elements. We really love the careful but effective use of effects here.
SOR Kick Free Revolution Vol.2 – HiHats

Kick – This little add-on fits nicely to the loops provided. Short, deep, pounding and punchy – your choice!

Layered – The perfect choice for those who like more complex loops or are kind of lazy ;) These layered percussion loops are similar to the club loop section, except for a higher amount of clicks and glitches. Due to a somewhat similar sound we would have put these to the club loop section though – and instead we’d have liked loops with tonal layers…
SOR Kick Free Revolution Vol.2 – Layered

Perc – From simple percussion to epic tom grooves or “clicking effect loops” – that’s all in here.
SOR Kick Free Revolution Vol.2 – Perc

Rough – Now we’re getting to the harder part, and we love it! Rough & Crunchy would have been our name of choice for this section, as you will find many loops having a lofi/bitcrusher effect on them, besides tonal, filtered or deep groove sounds. Moreover, they are carefully distorted and given a rough edge – we found ourselves listening to them too many times before we decided to finally load them into our daw…
SOR Kick Free Revolution Vol.2 – Rough

Tonal – Definitely the experimental part, you have to like this kind of loops. Heavy, tonal effects, subtile percussion or even minimalistic drum grooves – try this!
SOR Kick Free Revolution Vol.2 – Tonal

Tribal – This part should have had double the size. At least. Good, creative, driving and groovy tribal loops are rare and SOR spices them up with subtile effects, beautiful oneshots or small sound fragments. Truely a highlight of this product.
SOR Kick Free Revolution Vol.2 – Tribal


It’s not hard to guess we were amazed reviewing this product. And besides a sometimes too excessive stereofield usage we were not able to find negative aspects. You get top-notch quality, huge variety and usability – Sounds of Revolution has proven once more why their products are one of the best out there. We’re looking forward to Vol.3!

More information: (31.05 €)

Sound Quality - 95%
Content - 90%
Value for Money - 95%

Summary: You get top-notch quality, huge variety and usability – Sounds of Revolution has proven once more why their products are one of the best out there.



Published on November 25th, 2012

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