Rankin Audio Ultimate Dubstep Review

High Rankin is likely for many fans of the dubstep genre not be unknown. In the past he has already created a sample package (High Rankin Dubstep Tearout) and a soundset (Patchworx 03 High Rankin Dubstep) for Loopmasters, which enjoyed great popularity. He recently launched his own sound label, called Rankin Audio, distributed through Loopmasters, where he has already published a couple of own sample packages. Many users prefer products which were created by artists, because they usually have a closer relation to the genre, so let’s have a look on it and check whether the expectations are met.

Whats in?
The name of the package “Ultimate Dubstep” already promises much, which is maintained quite well at first glance. The package contains both sides, samples aswell as synthesizer patches, for the most-used dubstep synth so far – Native Instruments Massive. Let`s have a look on the content:

  • 71 Bass Loops
  • 103 Bleep Riffs
  • 67 Drum Hits (3 categories + 6 drumkits)
  • 47 FX Sounds
  • 50 Glitch Loops
  • 20 Glitch Vocals Loops
  • 85 Massive patches(ksd & nmsv, requires Massive v1.3)
  • 19 Pads & Textures
  • 55 Single Bass Hits
  • 17 Synth Loops
  • 50 Top Loops

All samples are tempo and root-key labeled. But unfortunately, there are no sampler patches for EXS, Kontakt and others. Let’s look first at the sounds for the Massive, these cover a wide range of facettes, and provide enough useful and inspirational sounds. The only negative point of the eye drops are the missing macro control allocations for each sound, which would have the usability and playability of sounds enormously enriched.

Official Demo – Rankin Audio Ultimate Dubstep
Official Demo – Rankin Audio Ultimate Dubstep

We come to the core – the sample content, there are waiting especially many wild bass loops and bass oneshots. Which are probably the most driving parts in dubstep tracks, and in this case, the bass loops and bass oneshots are really top class. Deep, wild filtered, futuristic sounding, covering many different tastes – just great. Besides this, there are many synth loops, especially bleep loops, what are a very good supplements to the bass loops. Also her you can find many different sound facettes. With the additional synth oneshots and pads & textutes the synth section is very nice rounded and gives a very flexible arsenal of synth sounds. Another accessory are the glitch vocals loops, which as the name suggests, are very glitchy. There we would have liked more vocals but also with lower-fx usage, to cover more facettes and raising the usability of the whole package.

Another main ingredient is of course the drums. Although one finds a variety of top loops and glitch loops, but relatively few single drumsounds. Some of them are divided into kits, which are quite thin with only 6-7 drums samples in there. All in all, the drum selection offered there just not enough, to form the hole product to an ideal all-in-one package. So we are disappointed by this section.

Summarized this product offers a high quality selection of dubstep samples and sounds, close to the genre. The inspiration factor is very high, the variety of sound-just as diverse. Therefore particularly unfortunate that the overall impression will be reduced by the small selection of drum sounds and the missing macro control allocation of the Massive patches aswell as the missing sampler patches. Without any doubt Mr. High Rankin has created an absolutely high-quality product, it’s not perfect but damn good.
Let`s talk about the price, which is measured on the content of the product very low. Usually you get for the same money just one soundset with 64 patches. But here you have 85 sounds, which are not the main part of the hole package… just a part of the whole. So from the price supervision it`s a bargain. If you produce dubstep, you have to look at these package!

More information: loopmasters.com (29.95 GBP)

Sound Quality - 85%
Content - 95%
Value for Money - 95%

Summary: Summarized this product offers a high quality selection of dubstep samples and sounds, close to the genre. The inspiration factor is very high, the variety of sound-just as diverse.


Great package

Published on June 12th, 2013

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