Loopmasters Moog Taurus MK 1 – Bass Expander Review

Loopmasters Moog Taurus MK 1 – Bass Expander, taking serving you some fresh bass sounds, directly out of the infamous Moog Taurus. This synth is for sure an analog beast with no need for introduction – according to Moog fans, this is almost more famous than the Minimoog itself…

So what does Loopmasters deliver here? 62 patches in 3 categories (Patches, Variables, Extras & Layers), based on 42 multisamples at 24-bit and 44.1 kHz quality – overall massive 1.7 GB of pure bass data.

“Presets” are 3 classical Moog bass sounds, brought to you in 2 versions (bright / dark). “Variables” contains 37 patches showing diverse facettes of Moog bass sound, from subtile to heavy-weight basses, stabs and effects. “Extras & Layers” show off what’s possible by professional layering and using sampler-specific possibilities.

Let’s talk about the sound. Loopmasters clearly managed to fully capture the characteristics of the Moog Taurus: punchy, warm, crunchy… everything you might miss speaking of other sample packs out there. Especially the analog beauty of the Moog filter has been recorded and processed perfectly (Preset “Funka Taurus Rack”). Quite intelligent by the way to fill the octaves mostly used with more samples (e. g. bass preset: c1-c3 use one sample per note; lead preset: c3-c5 use one sample per note; other, barely used octaves use less samples). Mostly, loop points have been perfectly set (despite the patch “Bass Echo” where the note A1 is not perfectly arranged), sample length is more than enough (up to 10 seconds) – all in all rendering this package a highly usable one.

However, we looking at every detail – and also here we found something we don’t like: especially when using Kontakt as a sampler, and due to its popularity this is quite likely, very often a single note is almost clipping. Especially when quickly playing notes or even playing more than 1 at a time it takes a few extra clicks to take care of the problem. Moreover would have been nice if Loopmasters had worked with performance scripts in Kontakt, thereby offering direct access to the effects and other important parameters used for the respective patch (ADSR, filter, delay…) – just a little idea for future improved usability.

Some sound…

Have a listen to the official Loopmasters demo here.

Demo – Loopmasters Moog Taurus Mk 1 Bass Expander


To sum things up: Loopmasters Taurus MK1 Bass Expander delivers all the beauty of the Moog Taurus synthesizer directly to your fingertips. Beautiful and intelligent recording, sample processing and overall quality makes it easy and lovely to work with this product. Besides few dislikes, this is truely a great choice for all who love the Taurus sound and just want to work with it in their productions or who cannot afford the legend itself.

More information: loopmasters.com (29.95 GBP)

Sound Quality - 85%
Content - 80%
Value for Money - 80%

Summary: A great choice for all who love the Taurus sound and just want to work with it in their productions or who cannot afford the legend itself.


Good choice

Published on November 25th, 2012

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